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Beer & Cider

With MasterChef Gift Card you can choose from a great selection of craft beer and cider direct from UK microbreweries, and beer merchants who have scoured the globe for the most interesting and exciting tasting beers in the UK and the World.

With so much to offer from the independent brewing revival in the UK, spending your MasterChef Gift Card in our Artisan Food & Drink Online Shop is an experience in itself!



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Beer & Cider



Something quite spectacular has happened in the UK beer industry in the last few years – there is a revolution going on! MasterChef Gift Card are proud to champion small scale microbrewers up and down the country who are producing an incredible variety of refreshingly different beers.

Beer & Cider



A fantastic selection of craft beer and cider! Czech Style Pilsners, zingy Indian Pale ales, golden full flavoured real ales, Imperial Porters, Heritage Ciders and Mighty Stouts – for those who love beer & cider it is a real paradise; for those who think they don’t, you just haven’t found the right one for you yet!

Beer & Cider



Beers brought together by our retailers challenge wine in the intensity of their flavours.  Using artisanal methods of production, varieties include big hoppy ales that exude citrus, pine resin or tropical fruit aromas, and white stouts and porters with espresso and dark chocolate notes.

With MasterChef Gift Card beer with layers of character and complexity is the norm, so if that sounds exciting, you will love our collection of exceptional independent producers and retailers.

Here are some of the Beer & Cider retailers where you can spend your MasterChef Gift Card: